Endless Possibilities at Centennial

At the bottom of Y Mountain, and heading into the valley, Centennial Apartments is a wonderful place to live and ideal for students who need to be close to class, work, and a lot of attractions to stay busy, interested, and have a social life.


That’s why we have the activity finder to help you find what you want to do, when you need to do it while living at Centennial in Provo. We’ve compiled the top places near your apartment so you don’t need to waste time and can get straight to enjoying where you live.


Nearby, there are restaurants and food trucks all over Provo Center Street that are perfect for dining with friends, or you can find a place to simply have a drink and study. There are a few bowling alleys and laser tag attractions nearby for fun, and if you’re looking to head out with some friends and enjoy yourselves, there are quite a bit of things to do at Lions Park or other parks nearby, not to mention all of the many different hiking trails along Y mountain and up Provo Canyon.

Whatever it is you’re looking to do in Provo during your time at Centennial, we hope you enjoy yourself, are safe, and can come back to a clean and well-kept environment that you can call home.